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'27 Months: The Remixes' is a collection of 11 alternative edits of tracks taken from Phonetix's '27 Months' album.

Featuring the production talents of a raft of friends & associates, the release looks to build on the momentum of the originals, & covers almost as wide a range of bases.

If you like your beats bumpy & soulful, be sure to check out the Final Cutt Collective's highly-sought-after reworking of 'Blue Step'.


Maybe you've missed the magic Duncan Powell brings to the table?

Perhaps you've wondered what it'd sound like if Pete Devereux (of Artful Dodger fame) worked with Phonetix?

Alternatively, Impact's authentic '97-styled Speed Garage edit of 'The Rage' might belong on your playlist.

Whatever you're after, chances are there'll be something on this release that takes your fancy - with appearances from: - Final Cutt Collective, Duncan Powell, Para, Midnight Circus, Impact, Wissota, Pud & Dan + Cobra!

Click here to download / stream '27 Months: The Remixes' now!

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