In 2016, Phonetix's daughter was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, for which she underwent 27 months of chemotherapy.


During this difficult period, Rob chanelled his emotions into creating a varied collection of tracks - with the intention of releasing an album to raise funds to take Alyssa on an epic life-changing trip once she was in remission.


Representative of the myriad of emotions felt during the 27 Months, the album is a somewhat eclectic offering covering UK Garage, Garage House, Drum & Bass, Bass Music & Jazz – with original vocals & instrumental features from talented collaborators like: -


  • Harsh (of Soul’d Out);

  • MC Cobra (heard on tour with Kissy Sell Out);

  • Rawkus (Steam Recordings); &

  • Brendan Mills (known for his work playing alongside Olly Murs).

The release was mastered by Stuart Kettridge of South East Studios, & is widely available via all major online retailers / streaming services. A Deluxe Edition (highlighted by green colouring, as opposed to the red seen here) is the only place to obtain DJ-friendly extended mixes of the tunes, as well as a couple of exclusive bonus tracks not available anywhere else.

Click here to download / stream '27 Months' now!