Following up on the success of 'Blue Step', 'Benito Miguel', 'The Mac', 'Me, Myself & I' & 'Got The Tea Towel'; Phonetix comes with another of his trademark Jazz Step tracks.


It's a tribute to his late friend Trevor, who passed away unexpectedly on 6th October 2010. The track will be released 10 years to the day - & comes with a poignant message, apparent from the vocal hook (which repeatedly asks "what are you waiting for?"). It's a stark reminder from Rob that that it's important not to hesitate in life - because you never know what's around the corner. The track maintains the Jazz-infused vibe for which Rob's music has become known but strays slightly into unchartered territory by use of some retro synths.

Written, arranged, engineered, produced & mastered by Phonetix.

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